Accessories sale is dedicated to providing new C melody accesories and is always looking for new products to serve you.
We have a range of custom made products including Necks, Mouthpieces in both hard rubber and metal, reeds, gig bags and cases.
We also have accessories for other types of sax and will detail features of them on this page.
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New C melody Tenor sax cases in Fabric Wood or Fibre glass.

Hardshell glass fibre Cocoon in a range of colours, Waterproof and safe against small nuclear devices.


C Melody reeds are still available.
These reeds were specially made in China to fit standard vintage C mel mouthpieces and the Aquilasax Classics and Metalpros.
We stock # 2, 2.5 , 3 and 3.5 grade/strength.

Click on this link below to buy 2 boxes of ten reeds. The shipping cost is $9 US for one or two so two is better value.
Just note which grade you require.



    Alto reeds by Aquilasax in grades # 2, 2.5, 3. in a box of 10.

    Flying Goose reeds for Alto

    Alto Metalpro mpc

    Satin Silver Alto with gold lacquered keys and polished silver highlights.

    Silver and Gold Soprano

    Plastic Soprano mpc

    Soprano Metalpro with Square baffle into round chamber

    Soprano reeds by Flying Goose, while stocks last.

    Aquilasax Soprano reeds available in grades # 2, 2.5 and 3. Boxes of 10.

    Customer comments 2013

    Hi I'm Fabián, I received the new mouthpiece for my sax Holton, and I congratulate you on the product,is excellent!! , playing with a pop sound "very modern and versatile.

    Thanks!! and best regards from Uruguay

    Creeds N°2 C Mel reeds
    I play with the mouthpiece Aquilasax N°5 on a Aquilasax C Mel for practicing mainly fine.
    Otherwise i play with a King C Mel and All Star vintage mouthpiece and Vandoren Reeds N°2
    are less noisy and have a softer tone.

    Alto reeds N°2 of Aquilasax are very good for me on my Buscher Aristocrat vintage sax and mouthpiece.

 began trading in 2005 and was registered in New Zealand in 2007. 
    • Our mission is to equip you to play happily in the key of C.
    • Our market commitment is to make not just money but also friends.
    • Our intention is to serve our customers with quality products at a good price and to find new products to enable our customers to express their creative freedom.

    Aquilasax saxophones are all play tested and guaranteed to play out of the box. 
    If not, we make it right!
     If your sax is damaged in transit or faulty due to manufacturing we give full purchase price refund upon receipt of the sax in good condition, along with the guarantee form and a repair tech's repair assessment.


    We have New mouthpieces for both Bb Tenor and
    Eb Baritone saxes.
    The Tenor pieces come in either plastic
     or metal with the square baffles into round chambers.
    The plastic mpcs are small tipped for beginners replacements but the Metalpros have # 5, 6 or 7 tips
    for intermediate to pro players.
    Complete with ligatures and

    The new Barimax Metalpro also has the square
     baffle and round chamber and really makes my
     old Conn 12 m come alive again.
    Great tone response, loud or quiet.

    The Aquilasax Hard rubber version is good
    value for money.

    Runyon Risers for palm keys

    Clip on Mic for mobile amplification


    My old 12 M sounds great with an Aquilasax BariMax. (shown with Aquilasax Hard rubber)
    Neck straps for all occasions

    Classic Leather strap with plastic hook.
    Take the weight off with a harness strap. Completely adjustable
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