C soprano

New and not so new.
Aquilasax Bb soprano with neck removed
and 1926 Wurlitzer C soprano
Plays in perfect tune with the Aquilasax C soprano Metalpro mpc

C- soprano test
sample assembly.

Nickel plated Celeste.

Eclipse C soprano test sample.

Celeste and Eclipse comparison.

Black n Nickel Eclipse

Satin Silver and gold option for the Eclipse model

Fanfare etching

Floral engraving

Copper plated.

Eclipse C soprano test sample. June 2010

Classic Gold lacquer

Black nickel and Gold lacquered keys

Signature Logo "Eclipse"

Royal combo

Antique Bronze finish. Claytons old

Aquilasax saxophones are guaranteed to play out of the box or we make it right. Money back guaranteed!
Items in stock shipped twice a week.

NOTE: Our money back guarantee now includes the proviso that a customer get any fault checked by a repair technician as several customers have recently returned saxes for very small problems .
 A loose screw or spring could have been fixed quickly and cheaply but instead the customers lost a sax and shipping fee and we lost a sale and reputation for what should have been seen as usual transit trouble for a sax shipped half way around the world.
C Sopranos are quite a rare saxophone and seem to have been produced solely in the 20s last century. Maybe a spinoff from the C Melody craze which swept America but they were never popular and were mainly used in orchestras as doublers for oboes. (much easier to play) Never-the-less they are a great little instrument for a bit of fun without transposing, suitable for ethnic music of all kinds and once again in Churches where worship music is not often available in Bb.
Being slightly smaller than the Bb sopranos, they are an even better choice as a traveling companion and you won't have to carry music. They are generally thought of as having a very sweet tone, quite different from a Bb soprano. 
NOTE: Music teachers do not usually advise beginners to use soprano saxophones as they are more sensitive to control. We recommend getting yours tuned to your mouthpiece at J and J Woodwinds in Shreveport La.

Playing sax has never been easier!

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The New "Eclipse" model keyed to high F#
Note there is a small price rise for some to cover increased cost of precius metals used in plating.

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Celeste ii. Available in satin silver, gold lacquer, bare brass and nickel silver 

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Eclipse C soprano Now fielding Black with nickel silver, Black with gold, gold lacquer and satin silver with gold keys.

Sound samples

New C soprano Aquilasax "Celeste" model in bare brass with hard rubber
Aquilasax Co mouthpiece and reed.
Playing a jazz doodle by Paul M.

Classical style sound sample

Folk style sound sample

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New silver plated Celeste ii C soprano production model . Key work is quite different from the vintage models incorporating the new style pinky cluster, high F and octave key. Beautiful tone!
Buy NowSatin Silver Celeste ii. Low cost C soprano with plastic thumb rest no strap ring and no adjustment on thumb hook.
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Plenty of storage room in the FAB case

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