This page is for contacts in the saxophone world whether it be companies private individuals or websites, to help you find what you need.
If you want to contact limited, please email, anytime zone , day or night. As we are an international
company, time differences make telephoning impractical. 
If you are interested in becoming a distribution agent for Aquilasax products then email Steve.
I endeavor to reply to any reasonable enquiry within 24 hours. Except sundays!
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Gigs or Notices

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 "Jazz From The Archives"
series.  Presented by the Institute of Jazz Studies, the series runs every
Sunday on WBGO-FM (88.3).

NOTE:  If you live outside the New York City metropolitan area, WBGO also
broadcasts on the Internet at
                                                Scott Robinson

                                              Visit my site here

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If you have a gig coming up, just email the info a week ahead and we 'll post it here free.

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For Guitars (C) Try Motone Music in Beijing.
They custom make electric guitars to order.
 You specify the hardware, they make the body and set up.
Resident guitar player checks quality and playtests.
 Visit MoTone music.

Speaking of guitars, very proud of my son's latest
 album debut, made the top 4o in NZ and one song
features him playing a Motone guitar.  (no sax)
He usually drums with an energetic rock style in
original compositions. Go Logan! Checkit out here at ""


Saxophones hadn't changed much for 100 years 
until Jim Shmidt's innovation!
For his all new C sax: Contralto! 
Visit his website. 

To hear vintage C melody's playing JAZZ
check out: 
Listen here  

Scott Robinson plays a 1918 C mel exclusively on his 1999 album,
 "Melody from the sky".Listen here.
Scotts latest album "Nucleus" also has one C mel track, very different from Melody from the sky. I'd call it "Esoteric" or spacey. Scott says there are more to come!
Listen here.

Gemma Farrell has a project up on sound cloud featuring a vintage C mel.

Rudy Weidoef is credited with begining the C mel craze in the 20s
Click here for more information.

For a modern style in C try "just maybe" by 
Natha n Haines 
 Visit Nathan Haines site 
Nathan's latest album "Sound travels" is listed as Rap/hip hop. 
A marketing blunder in my book as it has no rap and little relationship to 
hip hop. More spacey and esoteric to me!

Chip Shelton's latest "smooth"  CD, "Imbued with memories", f
eatures C flute, C tenor sax and C soprano sax. Summit records.
See album here.

For free advice about vintage C melody's
 the forum: 
Click here

For new pad sets try Music Medic:Click here
Highly recomended for service!
Check out whats on THE JAZZ NETWORK:
Visit the Jazz Network 

Nathan Haines plays modern jazz, hip hop etc.
on his album Squire for Hire.
Listen here.

 For those interested in ART, here is a link to the
site of a very talented New Zealand artist who
paints graphic, "super realism" architecture.
Go to his site here

For a C mel site in Germany:
 Visit ""


Recommended repairers

These repair people/companies listed below have been recommended by customers for providing honest and expert service.
 Most of them have C melody experience and reasonable charge rates.
If you know a great repair person, please email us their details as they are sometimes like needles in haystacks.

Ed Coles does a great job and has Aquilasax experience.

    . Tim's Music
    2812 Marconi ave
     Sacramento      CA 95821
     PH; 9259160
  • Tom Ianni at Academy Music Company.

          1443 Warrensville Center Road,

          Cleveland Heights, Ohio 44121. 216-381-               8460.


  •  In Christchurch NZ we recommend  Danny Wilson

               contact phone # +64 (03)  328 8141


  • Rod Siljenberg's Musical Instrument Service in

             Sioux City, Iowa


        Visit ""



  • Keifers Band Instrument Repair & Sales

     (269) 601-1961

             4421 Columbia Ave W,

             Battle Creek, MI 49015

            Visit ""
  • Expert repairs at the usual rate.         

             Visit ""

              John Clark, Manchester UK.

  • Bath Music repairs U.K. (not cheap but good job)

     Visit ""

Doc Frazier
J and J Woodwinds
11612 Greenwood-Springridge Rd.
Shreveport, Louisiana 71129
Local 318-780-9098
Toll free 1-866-996-6394

Lance Burton,
Brilliant engineer! He can make just about anything! Even add keys that weren't there!

Some have found that some sax repairers will not work on Chinese made saxophones. There are several reasons for that.
1. Economics:  they often want to charge more than you paid for the sax...
2. Perfectionism! Engineers are often deeply disturbed by poor workmanship and QC. is always a problem in China and why I play test every sax.
3. Protectionism; some want customers to buy local and some are constrained by agreements with suppliers!
4. Parts are hard to get from Chinese suppliers, which is why we are building a supply of parts. Its also worth noting that Chinese made horns are invariably copies of expensive western brands so theoretically parts are interchangeable. But of course its difficult to get somebody to pay $200 for a part to put on a $200 horn.
5. lastly but not exhaustively some would rather you bought a replacement from them.

I once asked a reputable co. to overhaul a new C soprano for me to test their expertise and recommendations. They quickly guestimated a $1,200 price tag and didn't even notice it was a C soprano. Proved they were going on ideology rather than facts.

When I first began to play sax, finding a record to listen too required standing in a second hand record store for hours thumbing thru and listening to 5 seconds of each track to see if I wanted to buy it.
So here is a selection of styles some for sale here and some not just so you can hear a little of what is around.

Michael Ausserbauer on his new album "Romantik Pur" available in Germany and thru
This song Summertime on C tenor.

Isaiah Katumwah, Sinza ,Afro Jazz Gospel, alto/soprano

Kirk Whalum, The Gospel according to Jazz, smooth tenor

Angela Christie, The breath of life, upbeat alto!

Chip Shelton, Imbued with memories, smooth, tC mel, soprano, flute

Charlie Parker, Now's the time, frenetic Alto

Kenny G, Classics in the key of G, tenor and soprano

Christian Forshaw, Sanctuary, haunting soprano

Morphine,  Cure for Pain, grunge Baritone

Stan Kenton, Kings of Swing, big band

Modern style, could be called spacey by Scott Robinson. Featuring C melody sax.

If you are looking for a larger range of music then check out Real Groovy Records, who deal in New and Used CDs and Vinyl. Largest range in NZ

Aquilasax guarantees that your new sax will arrive in and stay in playable condition for one year after purchase.
  If your sax is damaged in transit we refund your money and if any parts fall off or the sax is unplayable we refund your money.
This refund is given IF you send it back in good condition with the guarantee form and a registered repair tech's "assessment of the problem form". Return shipping instructions must be followed.
Failure to supply a repair assessment may result in a $50 per month "hire" fee being deucted and failure to follow shipping instructions may result in any inccurred expenses being deducted from the refund total.
Customers horns

Nathan Haines and Conn.

This song is "Right now", dance style with Cmel. It and other tracks can be heard on Nathan's site:

Dave I's refurbished Conn in FAB case.

Davids Selmer C mel

Lewis's Silver Big B buescher

Two friends with two new black Aquilasax's

Gilberto with new C sax

Joe's Copper Conn Tenor appears to be a mid 30s design. Any info appreciated?

  A customer's Aquilasax bare brass C tenor got a custom Candy red paint job at J and J Woodwinds.

Doc Frazier

Happy Birthday J.


Michael AuSSerbauer has posted a sample of his playing on his new Aquilasax C tenor and his comments on it on a German Website forum.

Deano the saxman has been recording a CD and this
 is an out-take on his Aquilasax C tenor.
 Run to you.

This site has some cool C mel songs by Rick Arbuckle Visit his MySpace page here..
Free streaming MP3s

  Coming soon a sneak preview of his latest album.
"Light, shade shadow" by Hayes Greenfield. I
ts called "Candy apples"

Hayes has finished his new album with some great tracks, all on C melody, and you can listen for free or download for a dollar (each track)

Visit ""


Listen here.

This IS "Mercy mercy mercy" played by Alan Tucker.
He multi tracked an Aquilasax C tenor and a Conn C soprano.
 The C tenors are playing different octaves with different mpcs
 for a very powerful low tenor sound and a mid range.

 Visit his MySpace page.

Eddie's site with gigs and samples andUtube

Go to his YouTube page

Eddie Baccus Jr.

Ian with his new black C sax NZ

Now on Facebook.  Click on the link below a click "like"

212/ 222-1543

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