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Aquilasax Horns are good looking good sounding, sturdy, well engineered and well finished with features usually found on more expensive instruments. The feature built in adjustment for pad pressure, adjustable thumb hook and hand engraving. They come in FAB cases with plenty of storage and hard enough to stand on. Reeds mouthpieces, neck strap and cork grease are supplied.
You would have to search long and hard to find a better sax at a better price. Check out the features below or go straight to the shopping cart:
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Aquilasax saxophones
come with a FAB case, mouthpiece and ligature, a neckstrap, cork grease and a box of reeds.
All you need to begin with!  
International shipping is usually $85 for an Alto to Australasia, Europe or the US.
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Customer Feedback at bottom of page.

New high G 'Ultissimo' alto sax

Note the high G key split from the high F sharp key

Double arms and finished in antique bronze; this
sax is outstanding!

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Free box of reeds with every sax!

 NOTE: Aquilasax saxophones are 100% lead free.

 For an Aquilasax alto sound sample
and independent review, go to:
Click here for Aquilasax Alto sound samples and independent reviews.

Aquilasax Alto, Gold lacquer and Metalpro mouthpiece sound doodle.

Black and beautiful!
Tenor sound samples

Gold lacquered Tenor with Otto Link Tone Master
(similar chamber to the C Metalpro)

Same tenor with standard plastic mpc.

Same sax and song with Link again.
(Aquilasax Bb T Metalpro would be louder)

Click here to buy Bb Tenor
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  • Our mission is to equip you to play happily in the key of C.
  • Our market commitment is to make not just money but also friends.
  • Our intention is to serve our customers with quality products at a good price and to find new products to enable our customers to express their creative freedom.

Aquilasax saxophones are all play tested and guaranteed to play out of the box. 
If not, we make it right!
 If your sax is damaged in transit or faulty due to manufacturing we give full purchase price refund upon receipt of the sax in good condition, along with the guarantee form and a repair tech's repair assessment.

We don't guarantee you will play it!

 Aquilasax Altos

      These well-engineered saxophones have smooth ergonomic design, high F# key and mother of pearl inlays on the F# trill as well as the usual keys. Made with lead free brass and double ribbed for extra strength, with bow clamp to facilitate ding repairs. They feature built in adjustment for the pressure on the auxiliary F pad. One of the first signs of wear on any sax is cork compression on the auxiliary keys. This problem can make playing low notes difficult. This problem will go away with the turn of a screw on Aquilasax saxophones. These free blowing saxes also feature beautiful fine floral hand engraving and adjustable thumb hook! Aquilasax for a better beginning!

Gold laquered Alto Eb 
Customer Comment: Hi Steve,this is Hans rom Munich. I just received my new aquilasax alto. It plays wonderful! And t harmonizes superb with the metal MP You sent me this week.

Satin Silver Alto with Gold keywork

Customer comment: This alto is really making people sit up and take notice!
D Akroyd. NY

Bright Nickel Silver Alto

Customer Comment: Hi Steve, Horn arrived today.(Bb Soprano) 7 days!  Very handsome work.  It plays very well.  I have a Selmer Mark VI (136xxx) that I am about to sell and I played them back and forth for about an hour to get a sense of the differences in tone color,  feel and articulation etc.  I have to say, of course the Mark VI has a richer character throughout the horn - but your horn comes damn close - for a tenth of the cost!  And I prefer the action and key ergonomics on your horn.  A job well done! 
Terrence Y.


Aquilasax saxophones are all play tested and guaranteed to play out of the box. If your sax is damaged in transit or faulty due to manufacturing, we give full purchase price refund upon reciept of the sax. We aim for happy honkers.
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