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The C Widebody also features the square ramp but has a huge round chamber to put some width back into the bottom end. Makes a nice fat sound but still has some projection at the top end.

      Available in a range of tip sizes from # 4 at 1.4mm or 0.055 in, suitable for classical players ensemble or beginners in a school band.
      The Le Roc hard rubber mpcs have a small rollover baffle at the tip to increase reed response and have a characteristic reedy sound that only saxes have.
      # 5 is a 2 mm tip opening more flexible for semi pros and roughly equivalent to a Selmer C **.
      The wider tip openings are usually prefered by pros for the flexibility and breath ability. The wider tip makes tone control trickier but gives you some great options. # 7 is 2.8 mm and equivalent to a an Otto Link 9* at 110 in.

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      Yes we have listed the alto mpcs with the C melody mpcs because they fit and they play in tune. C melodies are basically stretched altos and so the characteristics are similar.
        There are four types of Soprano mouthpiece now available. 
        First the B Metalpro  has a medium baffle and a long chamber providing warm rich tone.
        The Aquilasax plastic soprano mpc has a square baffle as per modern standard.
        These will not fit C sopranos.


        The following sound samples all use Aquilasax saxophones and mouthpieces playing the same song and the same reed, so you can listen for the differences in the mouthpiece configuration.

        Nickel plated C sax and Widebody Metalpro mouthpiece.

        Nickel C and Hard rubber # 6 mpc

        Nickel C and LR #4 mpc

        C sax and C Metalpro # 7

        Silver C sax and A Metalpro # 5
        Gold lacquered Bb Tenor with standard plastic mpc
        Gold lacquer
        Bb Tenor with Otto Link Tone Master.
        Straight soprano sax with plastic mpc.
        Curved Bb Soprano sax with C Metalpro. Loud! Dark.

        Curved Bb soprano with Co Metalpro. great dynamic range.

         Curved Bb sop with C* Metalpro, bright.
        All three Metalpro samples with the same # 2 reed and tune.
        Doodle on Co Metalpro.

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         In this page is a quick overview of available Aquilasax Mouthpieces. Below are images of mouthpieces suitable for C Melody Saxes.

        Mouthpieces for Soprano and Bb Tenor, Eb Baritone.
        C Melody reeds are still available.
        These reeds were specially made in China to fit standard vintage C mel mouthpieces and the Aquilasax Classics and Metalpros.
        We stock # 2, 2.5 , 3 and 3.5 grade/strength.

        Click on this link below to buy 2 boxes of ten reeds. The shipping cost is $9 US for one or two so two is better value.
        Just note which grade you require.

        We are testing two new products at the moment; a Wooden mpc and Bari plastic reeds.
        Here are some pix of the Wooden alto mpc. We compared it to  Yamaha 5c and an Aquilasax Plastic.

        The wooden mpc has a softer sound and a quirky ligature, a wooden ring that slides on over the reed and uses friction to hold it tight. The Mpc itself is similar to the Yamaha in size and configuration, slightly smaller so the Yammy lig fits but the wooden lig is too small for the Yammy mpc. The upside of the wooden lig is that it is so fast to change reeds. You may also remove it accidentally.

        For those looking for a mellow sound, this might be the answer.  Playing characteristics are similar to the modern mpcs with a modern chamber design.
        Matches great with the Aquilasax Antique Copper C tenor.

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